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Setting A Wedding Budget

Our professional wedding consultant puts forth helpful wedding budget suggestions for couples planning a dream wedding that is both beautiful and affordable.

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Setting A Wedding Budget

Setting a wedding budget in the beginning will help you keep costs under control when planning your special day.  There are so many things that you can have for your wedding from photo booths, candy bars, doves, to elaborate flowers or crazy cake designs.  They are all great things to have for any wedding.  However it is unrealistic to think you can have them all without spending a small fortune.  Know what is important to you for your special day.  For one bride it may be flowers, for another it may be the dress.  Setting a budget will help you decide what is most important to you and help you keep everything in perspective.

Ways to Figure out your Budget:

  • Discuss financing with your fiancé.  Will you both be contributing to your wedding? If so discuss how much you each will contribute.
  • Speak with your respective parents to see if and what they may be contributing.
  • Make sure you have an idea of the type of wedding you would like to have.  Garden wedding, destination wedding, traditional ceremony and reception.
  • Do your research and speak with people you know that have recently gotten married.  Research wedding vendors for price quotes before setting your budget.
  • Know what is important to you for your special day.
  • Be realistic with finances.  Know what you can afford.


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