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Chesapeake Twilight Golf League

Popular! Due to larger field, now expanded to Tuesday and Thursday nights.

2024 Chesapeake Twilight Golf League
Tuesday/Thursday Nights

Weekly League Schedule  | League Sign Up
CBGC League Flier – Full Details, Rules, Formats

Questions: Contact League Commissioner Andrew Barbin, Jr 410-658-4343 x3

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s Twilight Golf League is Open to the Public with 9 holes of competitive match play 5:30pm every Tuesday & Thursday from April-September.

League Meeting / Mandatory Rules & Speed of Play – Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 5:30pm at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club.

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s Twilight Golf League

  • Play golf every Tuesday OR Thursday
  • Shotgun start at 5:30pm
  • 20-week regular season, 4-week playoffs – 24 total weeks!
  • Open to the Public and Members
  • Competition begins April 9 and 11 and goes through September (playoffs)
  • Sign up as a 2-person team or individually (we can find you a partner!)
  • 2024 CBGC Tues Thurs League Flier: Please download our CBGC League Flier for Full League Details, Registration Information, Prize Breakdown, Rules & Schedule
  • League Commissioner is our Head Golf Professional Andrew Barbin Jr.
  • All questions and concerns should be addressed to the League Commissioner.  You can email Andrew at abarbinjr@chesapeakegolf.com or call him at 410-658-4343 x3.

General League Format for 2024

  • 2 Man Teams
  • Weekly 9H Head-to-Head Matchplay
  • Fully Handicapped (Maximum Handicap of 30 – all handicaps higher will be rounded down)
  • Weekly fee: $39 greens fee and cart + mandatory $10 for weekly cash prizes.  If you want to play extra holes before the 5:30pm shotgun, it will be an additional $10.  Please note that the extra holes cannot be played earlier than 3pm and are subject to demand and availability on the course!
  • Members: Members must pay the $10 for prizes every week.  Chantilly Card holders will pay the $30 card fee as well as the $10 for prizes – Chantilly Card holders do not need to pay the extra hole fee – a $19 savings per week.  The Chantilly Card is $450 up front and saves you money every time you play CBGC!
  • 5 different formats throughout the season: Better Ball, Aggregate, A vs A / B vs B, A vs B / B vs A, stroke play!
  • Weekly cash prizes: include $5 towards skins, $3 towards low net, $1 to proximity contests, and $1 towards random draw! Skins are going to be net Canadian skins this year, which means that it is net skins at 70% handicap but gross wins tie breaks (for example a 3 for 2 beats a 4 for 2).  Low net will be played at 90% handicap and will pay out the top 3 golfers every week, so for example if there are 40 players in a division then the pot would be $120 – first would get $60, second would get $40, and third would get $20 (ties will go to hardest handicap hole).
  • Points: Each week, points will be awarded based upon how you finish your head-to-head match.
  • Popular! Due to larger field, we will be running league nights on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS (as opposed to just Thursdays).  We will try to balance out the days as much as possible, but note if you sign up for Tuesdays you will always play on Tuesdays, and if you sign up for Thursdays you will always play on Thursdays.  Each night will be split into two divisions, which will be balanced by combined handicap (as best as possible).
  • Playoffs: Top 8 teams from each division will make the playoffs at the end of the year to compete for the grand prize!  This number is based on 64 total teams playing (16 teams per division) – the top half of each division will make the playoffs.
  • Teams that do not make the playoffs will compete in a B Flight bracket!

Weekly League Schedule

April 9/11 WEEK 1: BETTER BALL #1 (A/B) 20 POINTS
April 16/18 WEEK 2: BETTER BALL #1 (B/A) 20 POINTS
April 23/25 WEEK 3: AGGREGATE #1 (A/B) 20 POINTS
April 30/May 2 WEEK 4: AGGREGATE #1 (B/A) 20 POINTS
May 7/9 WEEK 5: A vs A, B vs B #1 (A/B) 20 POINTS
May 14/16 WEEK 6: A vs A, B vs B #1 (B/A) 20 POINTS
May 21/23 WEEK 7: A vs B, B vs A #1 (A/B) 20 POINTS
May 28/30 WEEK 8: A vs B, B vs A #1 (B/A) 20 POINTS
June 18/20 WEEK 11: BETTER BALL #2 (A/B) 20 POINTS
June 25/27 WEEK 12: BETTER BALL #2 (B/A) 20 POINTS
July 2/5* WEEK 13: AGGREGATE #2 (A/B) 20 POINTS
July 9/11 WEEK 14: AGGREGATE #2 (B/A) 20 POINTS
July 16/18 WEEK 15: A vs A, B vs B #2 (A/B) 20 POINTS
July 23/25 WEEK 16: A vs A, B vs B #2 (B/A) 20 POINTS
July 30/August 1 WEEK 17: A vs B, B vs A #2 (A/B) 20 POINTS
August 6/8 WEEK 18: A vs B, B vs A #2 (B/A) 20 POINTS

*NOTE: July 5th is a Friday – Thursday League will play on Friday due to July 4th being on a Thursday.

Playoffs: Match Play

(Top 8 Teams from Each Conference Qualify for Championship Flight, Rest in B Flight – Head-to-Head Competition)
(Better Ball of Partners, 2nd Man Tiebreaker ~ Net Score)

August 27/29 PLAYOFF Better Ball WILD CARD ROUND
September 3/5 PLAYOFF Better Ball SWEET SIXTEEN
September 10/12 PLAYOFF Better Ball ELITE EIGHT
September 17/19 PLAYOFF Better Ball SEMI FINALS
September 22 PLAYOFF Better Ball FINALS

Sign Up on our Golf Genius Page! League Meeting March 28th.