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Wednesday Night 18 Hole Men’s Golf League

2-Man Team, 18 Hole Men’s Golf League Wednesdays at CBGC!

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s
Wednesday Night 18-Hole Men’s Golf League

Men’s Golf League Sign Up
Questions: Contact League Commissioner Andrew Barbin, Jr. PGA 410-658-4343 x3

Play 18 Holes Wednesdays at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club!


  • This is a 2-man team, 18-hole golf league.
  • This is an open-invitational league for men over the age of 21.
  • All qualifying members of Chesapeake Bay GC are automatically invited, as well as all past members of the league.
  • Non-members who are new to the Wednesday Night League are welcome to apply for league membership!
  • The league plays every Wednesday from May 1st to September 11th.
  • Every week is a shotgun start at 3:30pm at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club.
  • The league is 20 weeks long.  The regular season & playoffs are determined by team participation.
  • Players Meeting on Wednesday, April 3, 2024 at 5PM.


  • CBGC Members: $70
  • Chantilly Card Holders: $670
  • Non-Members: $950

*All league dues include all 20 weeks of golf fees, end of year cash prizes, and end of year banquet.
** All golfers are required to purchase a 2024 USGA Handicap through Chesapeake Bay Golf Club ($50).  If you do not currently have a handicap through us – add $50 to your league due payment.


  • Each week, golfers are to bring in $10 cash following round for weekly skins and prizes.
  • $4 of the $10 goes to skins (house rules skins – Canadian, 70% Net).
  • $4 of the $10 goes to low net -> $2 goes to first place, and $1 each goes to 2nd and 3rd place (tie breakers for ties are scores on hardest handicap hole.
  • $1 goes to longest drive (must be in fairway!).
  • $1 goes to closest-to-the-pin (must be on green!).


  • All League Members receive one free club fitting of choice @ Chesapeake Bay GC.
  • All League Members receive one 50% off 1-Hour Lesson prior to the start of the league.
  • All League Members are automatically eligible for all member tournaments at CBGC.
  • All League Members are also members of the DSGA, MSGA, and Golf Association of Philadelphia.
  • All League Members get member discounts on pro shop merchandise.
  • All League Members get special pricing on food & beverage on league nights!


  • Weekly format of play is 2-man teams playing head-to-head.
  • The format is match play, where the team and individuals play against each other.
  • You will receive points based on performance against the other team.
  • Each weekly match has 5 matches to keep track of – A vs A, B vs B, A vs B, B vs A, and combined team score.
  • Each sub-match awards 2 points for the winner, 1 point for ties, and 0 point for the loser.
  • There are 10 points on the line every week.
  • Each match is handicapped based on your USGA GHIN Handicap.  Your course handicap is calculated based on your index as well as the tee box you play from.
  • Example of a match: Andrew and Kurtis are playing against Randy and Kent.  Andrew beats Randy 3&2 but loses to Kent 2&1.  Kurtis beats Randy 2&1 and Kent 1UP.  Andrew and Kurtis end up tying the team better ball with Randy and Kent.  Andrew would receive 2 points for his win over Randy, Kurtis would receive 4 points for his wins against Randy and Kent, and they would receive 1 point for a tie for a total of 7 points.  Randy and Kent would earn 3 points – 2 for Kent’s win over Andrew and 1 for their tie in the better ball.


  • The regular season / playoff format will depend on how many teams are signed up.
  • In the event we have the exact number of teams to play each other once / twice than the league will be cumulative points vs playoff format.  If we have an inexact number, the playoffs will be flighted after everyone has played each other once or twice.
  • Playoff example: Every point accumulated during the weekly matches will go to your season totals.  The final 3 weeks of the season will be a round robin playoff, where the teams are flighted based on points accumulated during the regular season.  For example the 1-4 ranked teams will be in the Championship “A” Flight, then the 5-8 will be in the B flight, then 9-12 in the C flight, then 13-16 in the D flight.  Points will be reset to zero for the playoffs, and the team with the most after the 3 weeks wins the flight.  Any ties will be decided by head-to-head, and then season points.


  • All stats, standings, scores, pairings etc. will be on the new league website on Golf Genius.
  • Golf Genius Premium is the industry’s leading tournament software, and we at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club will be using it for all member events and leagues in 2024.
  • All golfers (or at least one player from each team) must download the golf genius app and follow the email protocols to set up their account.  Again – all golfers looking to play in our other tournaments and leagues will have to do this anyway.
  • All golfers are responsible for putting in their scores into the Golf Genius app – this has a direct tie into GHIN and will automatically update the website’s standings, stats, as well as let us know low net and skins automatically.
  • Scores can be entered live or after round – you can keep a physical scorecard if you’d like but you are still responsible for inputting your own scores each week – only one person in each pairing needs do it each week.
  • SUB RULES: If you cannot make a week, you may bring in a substitute.  If the sub is going to get strokes, he must have a valid USGA GHIN handicap otherwise he will be playing as scratch.  The golfer needing a sub is required to find their own sub and tell the commissioner no later than the Monday before.  There are no subs in the playoffs!  All subs are eligible for prizes and skins.  As this is a pre-paid golf league, all subs golf fees are covered.


  • All 2024 USGA Rules apply to regulation play.
  • Unless otherwise specified by the commissioner, the ball will be played DOWN (as it lies).  We will be very generous with lift, clean, & place in the event of adverse weather conditions.
    As this is match play, you may give putts to your playing opponents.  There is no standard as to what is considered a “good” putt and that is up to your discretion.  You may also pick up your ball and take the highest score in the group if you are out of the hole.
  • All bodies of water, the edge of the range, the right side of hole 11, and all tall fescue areas are considered penalty areas (water hazards).  All white stakes, roads, the parking lot, and the fence on 4 are considered out of bounds.
  • LEAGUE RULE: Golfers always get free relief from divots in fairways, tree roots, as well as mulched areas.  Certain areas that are unmarked ground under repair, such as tree stumps and areas of wear from course improvement projects are also considered ground under repair and receive free relief.
  • LEAGUE RULE: In the event of a lost ball or a ball going out of bounds, golfers may elect to take a 2-stroke penalty drop at the edge of the fairway equidistant to where the ball went out of play.
  • LEAGUE RULE: In the event of wet conditions certain holes we may permit free drops in the event a ball cannot be found due to plugging.


  • Notify league commissioner Andrew Barbin Jr via email abarbinjr@chesapeakegolf.com or 410-658-4343 x3 expressing your intent to play the 2024 season, as well as your partner for the season.  You can also sign up directly on Golf Genius.
  • Pay league dues by the deadline of April 24th – all checks payable to Chesapeake Bay Golf Club.
  • Make sure your Handicap is set up and up to date.
  • Set up your Golf Genius account if you haven’t already.
  • Attend the players meeting on April 3 at 5pm.