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The Art of Compromise

Wedding Planning Tip ~
Learning How to Compromise

Marriage is a lifetime of compromises. The day you get engaged you will start the lifelong journey of these compromises.

There will be hundreds of decisions you will have to make during the wedding planning process.  First will be the date, then the venue and so on.  You may like a beach wedding in early summer and he may want a fall wedding in a ball room.  With all the decisions to be made, you are going to disagree on some things.

This will be the first test in how well you can compromise as a couple.  He may get to choose his tux and you get to choose the type of flowers. He may want an outside venue and you may want inside.  You compromise and have the ceremony outside and the reception inside.  Try to find the middle ground that will make you both happy.

Every now and then, you both will need a break from all the decision making and compromises.  Be sure to make time for things other than planning the wedding.  Have a date night and promise not to discuss the wedding.

Compromising Tips:

  • Make sure you have open communication.  Be sure that you are being honest with one another and discussing your vision for the wedding.
  • Be reasonable with your expectations.  Make sure what you are expecting of each other during the planning process is reasonable for the other person.
  • Be sure that you are aiming for an agreement that will make you both happy and not just getting what you want.
  • Offer more than just one compromise when the two of you want something different.  You will be more likely to come to an agreement when there are options.
  • Know what is important and the difference of what is worth compromising on, and what is not worth disagreeing about.

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