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Player of the Year Points – 2018

Player of the Year Points as of October 17, 2018. Frank Orbin has a narrow lead over Bernie Weed.

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s 2018 Player of the Year Points are the total points gained by each member in the tournaments they participated in. Points are broken out based on type of tournament – Majors, Championships & Events.

2018 Player of the Year Points Totals

Points As of October 17, 2018  |  2018 Player of the Year Points Flier

Orbin Frank 1087.5
Weed Bernie 1045
Weinzetl Jim 935
Westerfer Steve 781.25
Barbin Evan 700
Pinkerton Shelly 612.5
Eichler Susan 601.25
Barbin Austin 541.25
Nye Cheryl 505
Whitlock Dave 457.5
Kern Bob 443.25
Falkenstein Jack 432.5
Medlar Denise 425
Petersen Pete 412.5
Nelles Mike 398.75
Rogers Steve 359.5
Welch Homer 326.25
Vincenti Tom 281.25
Mitchell Earl 256.25
Barbin Zach 250
Anderson Theresa 250
Weirback Donna 246.25
Barbin Andrew Jr 246.25
Lawson Keven 237.5
Bounds Nancy 205
Smith Steve 190.75
Medlar Jeff 187.5
Palmer Don 145
Montgomery Darlene 137.5
Harrison Alison 113.75
Jones Ray 100
Cortazzo Frank 100
Smith Ricky 98.75
Zamora Arlene 94.5
Vincenti Tammie 90
Sabla Mark 75
Kathy Smith 75
Baldino Jack 66.25
Kerr Gordy 65
Morgan Kent 62.5
Weirback Dick 47.5
Coleman Carlos 45
Melfa Steve 37.5
French Linda 27.5
MacMillan Beth 26.25
Adams Gary 25
Mullin Brian 25
Ahren Alan 18.75
Snyder Al 6.25

Tournament of Champions

  • At end of the season, the Tournament of Champions tournament is held on Sunday, October 21, 2018 (new date).
  • The top 30 points goers are invited to participate – playing for the overall “Player of the Year” and “Tournament of Champions”
  • The Regular season points are reset, but based on the player’s finish, they are given tournament of champion points.
  • The top 30 players will be awarded points based on their finish in the tournament of Champions tournament. The reset points will be added to the points received in the tournament of champions.
  • The Player with the most points added together is the “Player of the Year”
  • Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s point system mimics the PGA Tour Fedex Cup format