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President’s Cup 2023 – Match Play

View President’s Cup Bracket (updated 8/23/23)

Harry C. Barbin Jr. President’s Cup 2023
Year Long Match Play Bracket Tournament

President’s Cup Bracket (as of 8/23/23)

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s signature annual Match Play Tournament.

Blind Draw Party April 22 after the Spring Classic!


  • Match Play Tournament featuring head-to-head singles matches
  • This is a member-exclusive event, open to all CBGC Members (must also have a USGA GHIN handicap through CBGC) as well as any Player’s Club Non-Golf Members who carry a USGA Handicap through us.
  • This is a net, mixed-gender match play tournament that is 80% handicap.
  • All handicap strokes will be adjusted based on the low handicapper (for example in the event a 6 plays an 18, the 6 becomes a 0 and the 18 becomes a 12 and receives a stroke on the 12 hardest handicap holes)


  • All 2023 USGA Rules apply.  Putts & Holes can be conceded at the discretion of the opponent.
  • Ball will be played down through green unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand due to abnormal course conditions.
  • Red stakes & lines indicated penalty areas.  If no markings, consider the hazard indication line to be a club length from the edge.
  • White stakes & roads indicate areas that are out of bounds.
  • All tree stumps and unmarked areas of ground under repair (due to tree work or damaged turf from machinery) is granted free relief.
  • All mulched areas are also granted free relief.
  • We will be adopting the USGA recommended local rule for Out of Bounds / Lost Balls.  If a ball goes out of play, you may take a 2-stroke penalty drop on the edge of the fairway equidistant to the point where the ball went out of play.  This is an alternative option to going back and replaying your shot with a penalty stroke (stroke & distance).


  • 1st Place: Commemorative Wooden Plaque with the match play bracket engraved.
  • 2nd Place: $200 Gift Card
  • 3rd-4th Place: $100 Gift Card Each
  • 5th-8th Place: $50 Gift Card Each


  • Play-In Round: May 21
  • Round of 64: June 18
  • Round of 32: July 16
  • Sweet Sixteen: August 13
  • Elite Eight: September 10
  • Final Four: October 8
  • Finals: November 5


  • Members, Chantilly Card, & Player’s Club (USGA Handicap Associated Thru CBGC)$25.00 for the entire registration
  • Sign Up Online on our Golf Genius Page