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Labor Day “Shamble” BBQ + Mixer

Fun annual Golf + Cookout event Open to the Public!

Labor Day Mixer 2023
Monday, September 4th – 1:00 P.M. Shotgun

Sign Up: Register Now on our Golf Genius Page | Contact Pro Shop: 410-658-4343 x2

Play in Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s Annual Fun Labor Day Golf Scramble Monday, September 4, 2023.

This is an optional event Open to the Public. Fun 4-person team “Shamble” Format makes for a great day of golf. Enjoy a delicious barbecue cookout dinner that’s included following the round.


  • 4-Player Shamble, 1 Best Ball Each Hole.
  • All golfers hit a tee shot, then select the best tee shot.  From that point on, each golfer is to play their own ball.  The golfer with the lowest score on the hole will count to the team score.
  • For example, Players A, B, C, and D all hit drives.  Player C is deemed to have hit the best drive.  From Player C’s drive, Player A makes a 3, Player B makes a 6, Player C makes a 5, and Player D makes a 4.  The team would use Player A’s 3 as the team score.
  • We will pay out gross and net prizes.  Net will be 70% handicap.  A valid and active USGA Handicap is required to be eligible for handicapped events, without a USGA handicap you will play as scratch.  The maximum course handicap for this event will be 32 – any higher handicaps will be reduced to 32.


  • All 2023 USGA Rules apply.  All putts counting for a team score must be holed – no gimmies!  If you are out of the hole, you may pick up.
  • Ball will be played down through green.
  • Red stakes & lines indicated penalty areas.  If no markings, consider the hazard indication line to be a club length from the edge.
  • White stakes & roads indicate areas that are out of bounds.
  • Due to our bunker renovation project being midway, we will play certain areas as ground under repair.
  • All tree stumps and unmarked areas of ground under repair (due to tree work or damaged turf from machinery) is granted free relief.
  • All mulched areas are also granted free relief.
  • We will be adopting the USGA recommended local rule for Out of Bounds / Lost Balls.  If a ball goes out of play, you may take a 2-stroke penalty drop on the edge of the fairway equidistant to the point where the ball went out of play.  This is an alternative option to going back and replaying your shot with a penalty stroke (stroke & distance).


  • 30% of the field (or roughly) will be paid out in gift cards.  50% of the prize pool will go to net, 50% will go to gross.  In the event that an odd number of teams must be paid out, net will take precedent.
  • An optional skins game of $5 per golfer will also be played – this will be in the form of individual skins.  We will be utilizing our 2023 House Rules for this tournament’s skins game.


  • Canadian Skins – Net Skins, but the lowest gross score wins in the event of ties.  For example, if two golfers are tied with a net 3 on a hole, but Player A had a gross 3 and Player B had a gross 4.  Player A would win the skin.
  • Net birdies or better to win a skin.
  • 70% Handicap Allowance
  • Max Handicap is 32 – any higher handicaps will default to 32.


For the entire registration (Golf + BBQ):

  • Chesapeake & Bay Tier Members: $25.00
  • Chantilly Card, Pines, Heron, Collegiate, & Junior Members: $60.00
  • Player’s Club (Non-Golf Member): $75.00
  • Public: $75.00