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The Scent of Flowers

Beauty within your budget

Photo Credit: M. Slack Photography

Floral arrangements can make any wedding especially beautiful. There are so many different types of flowers and so many different ways to use them from bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and ceremony arrangements.  Depending on what you want, flowers can be extremely expensive.  Below are some tips on how to work with your florist to keep your budget intact and still give you a beautiful accent for your wedding.

  1. Be up front with your florist about your budget.
    Remember they are sales people like all your other vendors for your wedding.  If you don’t give them the budget you have to work with they will start at high end.
  1. Reuse your arrangements.
    When you are ordering flowers remember that your ceremony will usually last about thirty minutes.  Have someone designated to take the ceremony flowers over to the reception to reuse in the space.  After all they are expensive and you might as well get the most out of them.
  1. Compromise on pricey flowers.
    From roses to calla lilies there are some beautiful and pricey flowers out there. Talk with your florist about pricing and determine when your favorite flowers are in season and when they are the cheapest.  If that doesn’t work with your wedding ask your florist about other flowers that are cheaper but close to what you want.
  1. Be careful of strong-scented flowers.
    Some flowers can have very strong scents.  Be careful of choosing these flowers for your wedding, especially for centerpieces.  Having a potent floral centerpiece at your table while your guests are eating dinner can be a recipe for disaster.
  1. Trust your florist.
    Your florist is the expert.  Make sure you listen to their advice when it comes to your floral arrangements.  You need to express the overall look and style you are looking for but trust in them to execute it.  After all you hired them for their expertise.

No matter the flowers you choose for your wedding or your budget a good florist can help you make your wedding day beautiful and stunning.

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