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Ladies Senior Club Championship

Lawson, Pinkerton, and Weed finish 1st-3rd in Age 50-70 Bracket.

Ladies Senior Club Champions

CBGC Ladies Senior Club Championship

Golf Results for Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s Ladies Senior Club Championship on Monday, September 25, 2017.

What a day for Keven Lawson as she won the Ladies Senior Club Championship.  Since Keven has only played for just a few golf Seasons, the win came as well deserved. This was Keven’s first individual win in a tournament.  Congratulations to her!

Age 50 – 70

1st Keven Lawson 95 won on match of cards
2nd Shelly Pinkerton 95
3rd Bernie Weed 97

Age 70+

1st Darlene Montgomery 96
2nd Susan Eichler 97
3rd Nancy bounds