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Men’s Big 4

July 23 at North East, July 24 at Rising Sun

Men’s Association 36-hole, 2 day, partner event. Sign Up Today!

CBGC Men’s Golf Association
Big 4 Tournament

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A note from Gary Rohrbaugh, CBMA President:

Heads Up Guys! The Big 4 Tournament is approaching us. This is a 2 day event, Saturday 7/23 at North East and Sunday 7/24 at Rising Sun. Both days are tee times starting at 9:30 AM. I’ll do the parings day before the event. This is a 2 man event so please try and sign up early. I’ll be posting a sign up sheet in the men’s room at Rising Sun. Below are the rules for this event.

Men’s Big 4 – Rules

  • This is a 36-hole, 2 day, partner event.
  • Day 1, at North East, holes 1-9 are played in better ball format (full individual handicap); holes 10-18 are played in aggregate score format (team handicap).
  • On Day 2, at Rising Sun, holes 1-9 are played in sling shot format (team handicap); holes 10-18 are played in alternating shot format (team handicap).
  • The team handicap is calculated by adding both handicaps together and dividing in half.  When the divided handicap is a fractional number, (i.e., 12 ½) round down to the whole number (12).
  • In case of a tie, a match of cards will determine the overall winners (Net and Gross).  All other prizes will be split — no match of cards.
  • It is preferred that members sign up as partners, but those who do not will be paired (if possible) by the Men’s Association.
  • After the deadline, members must sign the “Alternate Sheet”.  Replacements will be taken from the Alternate Sheet (ONLY) on a first come basis, i.e. first name will be the first replacement, second name the second replacement, and so on…

Any questions email me or call.

This is a fun tournament and I urge all to sign up!

Join the Men’s Association

Men…Looking for a new fun group to play with? Become a member of Chesapeake Bay Golf Clubs Men’s Association TODAY! For $75.00, enjoy all the benefits of being part of the group! Anyone can join at all levels of play with a valid handicap under 35 and you can start playing today! If you need a handicap Chesapeake Bay can help with that too!

Benefits of joining the Men’s Association include:

  • 9:30AM Tee Times Saturday & Sunday each week to play with the Gaggle at one of our great courses with the possibility to win cash each week!
  • Eligible to play in all club tournaments
  • Have fun playing with a great group of guys
  • Play with different players each week

To become a member of the Men’s Association sign up at either Pro Shop today, and start playing! Not sure if you want to join? Pay to play in the gaggle up to 3 times before you commit.

North East Pro Shop 410-287-0200 x3 | Rising Sun Pro Shop 410-658-4343 x26