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Choosing the Wedding Date

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Wedding Tips

There are so many things to do and choose when planning a wedding.  One of the most important things is choosing your wedding date.  There are many factors to consider when making this decision from the type of wedding you want to how many out of town guests you have.  Below is a list of things you want to make sure you consider when deciding on the date for that special day.

Your work schedules

Depending on you jobs there may be times of the year or month that are difficult for one or both of you take off.  Keep this in mind when choosing your date.

Out of town guests

Saturday is the typical day chosen for a wedding.  If you have a lot of out of town guests this is the best day to have your wedding.  It makes it easier for your guests to stay overnight if necessary.  However if you don’t have a lot of out of town guests you can usually get a good deal by having your wedding on a Sunday or a Friday night.

The Honeymoon

If you are planning on going to an island in the Caribbean for your honeymoon or taking a cruise, you will want to make sure you are not booking your wedding during hurricane season.  Where ever you decide to honeymoon make sure you are planning your wedding accordingly so you can enjoy your honeymoon.

Family Occasions and Holidays

Make sure you are taking in consideration other family occasions and holiday’s when choosing a date for your wedding.  If your niece is graduating high school in June and everyone goes to your parent’s beach house for the fourth of July.  This may not be the ideal time to have your wedding.

Once you have chosen the time of year and month you would like to have your wedding, have a couple of dates in that month that would work for you.  Most venues book 12-18 months out and you may need to be a flexible to get your venue of choice.  Now that you have your date the actual fun of planning your special day begins!

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