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2014 Special Award Winners

October 19, 2014 at Rising Sun

The 2014 Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Membership Special Awards ceremony was held Sunday, October 19, 2014 at the Rising Sun Course.

This Year’s Award Winners:

2014 Dick Civita “Sandbagger of the Year” Award
Winner: David Whitlock


Dave is always in the running in the Net Tournaments, and always begging to play off the Senior Tees. His accomplishments this year include:

  • 1st Senior Club Net = 68
  • 1st Paul Gehring Cup = 124
  • 1st Men’s Club Championship – B Flight
  • 1st Men’s Member Guest 3rd Flight
  • 1st Men’s Fall Member-Member
  • 4th Men’s Net Championship
  • 5th Masters

Dave has been our most consistent bagger to date – flying under the radar until being paired with CBGC’s Director of Golf Andy Barbin in the President’s Cup. Dave beat Andy in the President’s Cup match shooting 36 on front nine plus getting a shot a hole.

  • Wins Award Plaque

2014 Ladies’ Most Improved
Winner: Darlene Montgomery

Most Improved Players Award Criteria:  Must Have minimum of 45 Rounds Entered in the HDCP Computer

  • Darlene had 45 Rounds Posted
  • Her USGA Handicap Index went from 23.2 to 21.7 –  5  USGA Index Points Dropped
  • This is Darlene’s 1st Time winning this award
  • Wins Award Plaque

2014 Men’s Most Improved
Winner: Jim French

  • Jim had 50 Rounds Posted
  • His USGA Handicap Index went from 14.9 to 8.6 – 6.3 USGA Index Points Dropped
  • This is Jim’s 1st Time Winning this award
  • Wins Award Plaque

2014 Glenn Slonecker “Member of the Year”
Winner: Gary Rohrbaugh


Award Criteria : Outside promotion of Chesapeake Bay Golf Club

  • Gary is involved at Membership Functions
  • He has a good relationship with Chesapeake Bay Golf  Club’s staff
  • He helps run the gaggles
  • He’s someone the staff can lean and he always puts forth great input and feedback
  • Gary has been an ambassador to the Club for many years and is a great leader with the membership
  • We are privileged to know Gary and appreciate all of his hard work!
  • Wins Award Plaque

2014 Tournament of Champions Cup Winner
Winner: Tom Vincenti


  • Tom Shot 79 Gross with a winning Net Score of  72
  • Wins Champions Cup

2014 Player of the Year
Winner: Carlos Coleman

Carlos Coleman, Chesapeake Bay Golf Club's 2014 Player of the Year

Carlos Coleman, Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s 2014 Player of the Year

Congratulations to Carlos Coleman – Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s 2014 Player of the Year! What an awesome year of golf and a great accomplishment

  • Carlos was 1st place in Regular Season with 1,120 points
  • Carlos was 1st in the overall Player of the Year Points Race after the Tournament of Champions with a Final Points Total of 2,943.95
  • This is Carlos’ 1st time winning the Player of the Year Award
  • Wins Crystal Vase / $400 towards 2015 Membership