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St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament

Get a head start on St. Patrick’s Day!

2021 St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament
1 P.M. Shotgun — Saturday, March 13th, 2021
Open to the Public!

Sign Up:  Pro Shop 410-658-4343 x2  ♣  Online

Get a jump on your your St. Patrick’s Day fun! Play in Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s St. Patrick’s Day Golf Tournament on Saturday, March 13th! Be sure to wear your green – there will be a Contest for the “Most Irish Team”!


  • The Luck of the Irish Format is a modified team better ball where you combine the best score with the worst score on each hole.
  • For example:  Player 1 scores a 3, Player 2 scores a 4, Player 3 scores a 5, and Player 4 scores a 7.  You would combine the 3 (lowest score) with the 7 (highest score) for a team score of 10.


  • 2021 USGA Rules govern the play of this tournament.
  • All players will tee off from the tees their handicap is based on.
  • All players must play their own ball through the hole.
  • All players may lift, clean, and place their ball 1 club length through the green (includes bunkers).
  • Maximum score of “double par” on each hole (6 on par 3s, 8 on par 4s, 10 on par 5s).
  • Penalty Areas are marked with red stakes.
  • Areas designated “Out of Bounds” are marked with white stakes.
  • Local Rule in Play:
    • Provides an alternative to stroke-and-distance relief for a ball that is lost outside a penalty area or out of bounds.
    • You can still take stroke and distance relief, but you may also take a penalty of 2 strokes by determining the spot where your ball went out of bounds or likely to be lost, find nearest fairway edge – no closer to hole and take 2 club lengths.


  • Closest-To-The-Pin on Hole #2
  • Closest-To-The-Pin on Hole #15
  • Longest Drive on Hole #16
  • “Most Irish” Team


  • Full Member / Season Ticket Price: $20 per member
  • Chantilly Card / Public Price: $60 per player
  • Optional Team Skins: $20 per team
  • Gross & Net Prizes!