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Spring Open Team Stableford

New Format this year! 4 Player Team Stableford

Spring Open – A “Team Stableford”
Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sign Up Online | Call Pro Shop: 410-658-4343 x2

Play in Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s Spring Open “Team Stableford” on Sunday, April 25, 2021. This is an optional event Open to the Public – Ladies and Men at all levels of play.

The Fun Format is a “Team Stableford” and a delicious Buffet is included and will follow the round. Start the golf season off with this fun 4 Person Team Event!

Spring Open Event Details:

  • Saturday, April 25, 2021
  • Open to the Public
  • Tee Times: Select Your Own – Dedicated Tee Times at 1pm
  • Buffet Included After Round
  • Live Scoring + Live Leaderboard

“Team Stableford” / Event Format:

  • 4 Person Team Event
    • Sign Up as a Team – or Individually and we’ll pair you up!
  • Everyone Welcome – Men & Women – All Levels of Play
  • Net Event – 100% Handicap
  • “Team Stableford”
    • Double Eagle: 5 points, Eagle: 4 points, Birdie: 3 points, Par: 2 points, Bogey: 1 point, Double (max score): 0 points
  • 1 Net Best Ball per Hole will be the Team Score
  • Optional Net/Gross Cash Scats

Entry Fee:

  • Public – $20 Entry Fee + Rates
  • Members – $20 Entry Fee + Applicable Rates ($45 for Chantilly Card and Weekday / Twilight Members)

General: U.S.G.A. Rules Apply

  • Golfers will play from tees where their handicap is based on
  • Any ties for first place will be a match of cards (USGA Procedure – Last 3 holes, Last 6 Holes etc)
  • Ground under repair will consist of any cart paths – stone or paved
  • Out of bounds will be marked with a white line or white post
  • Penalty Areas will be marked with red stakes or red lines
  • Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies)
  • The “one ball” rule does not apply for the Championship
  • Ground under Repair — Free Relief from all cart paths & flower beds. Take nearest point of relief plus one club length no nearer the hole, without penalty.
  • All putts must be holed (no gimmies).
  • If there is any doubt on how to determine a rule, play 2 balls:
    • Play original ball where it lies
    • Play 2nd ball how you determined rule
  • All rules will remain in effect unless otherwise posted by the Rules Committee

Pace of Play:

  • Pace of play will be monitored
  • Penalty for first offense of slow play will be a warning
  • After the second offense you will be timed / A third violation will result in a one stroke penalty