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Ladies Member Guest – Results

Congrats to Low Gross Team Martin, Pinkerton, Allen and Outlaw, and Low Net Team Weed, Hale, Lawson, and Matthias!

Ladies Golf Association Results

Results – 2016 Ladies Member Guest

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at Rising Sun Course

A big thank you to all of the ladies that participated in Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s Ladies Member Guest tournament on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at the Rising Sun Course.

Congratulations to the Low Gross team of Joan Martin, Shelly Pinkerton, June Allen and Linda Outlaw shooting a 151 to win. A nod also to the Low Net Winners Bernie Weed, Gail Hale, Keven Lawson and Paula Matthias how tallied a Net 104.

Low Gross: Joan Martin 151
Shelly Pinkerton
June Allen
Linda Outlaw
2nd Gross: Darlene Mongtomery 161
Suki Kegley
Jane Williams
Kathy Smith
Low Net: Bernie Weed 104
Gail Hale
Keven Lawson
Paula Matthias
2nd Net: Phyllis Pepper 117
Karen Kitchen
Jan Zak
Sharon Emerson
3rd Net: Wendy Webb 130
Susan Eichler
Rose DiTomasso
Connie Mutterpaw
Closest to Pin #5 Suki Kegley 18’ 4”
Closest to Pin #15 Bernie Weed 10’ 10”
Longest Drive #16 Shelly Pinkerton
Straight Drive #1 Linda Outlaw

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