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2021 Junior Club Champions

Congratulations to all winners and participants!


Nearly 30 junior golfers came out for our 30th Annual Junior Club Championship on August 20, 2021 here at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club, and the boys and girls battled it out on a great day of golf!

Evan Barbin defended his title with a 3-under par score of 68, which while not besting his record-setting score of 62 last year, was still good enough to clinch yet another junior title. Haverford HS rising freshman Pierce Murphy finishes runner up with his score of 88, and Rising Sun sophomore Jake Eckman finished 3rd with a 106.

On the girls side, Tome sophomore Karina Serio defended her title with a great score of 93, outlasting Rising Sun freshman Carly Waldridge. Karina’s 93 was a significant improvement over her score from last year and has made tremendous strides in her game!

The boys 13-15 division was our biggest competition, with 10 in the flight. Zack Sullivan shot a great score of 43 en route to yet another junior club championship title to his ever-growing . Owen Duffy, last year’s 13-15 champ finished runner up with his score of 47 (which also was a big improvement over last year). Sean Patrick rounded out the winners circle with his very respectable score of 49.

The boys 9-12 division was won by Chase Dizel, who turned in a great score of +5 over 7 holes to win by 11 shots over runner up Chase Hartsoe. Josh Schneider finished one shot behind the latter Chase with his score of 44.

The girl’s 9-12 division was won by Carli Russell, who shot a great score in her tournament debut!

The boys 6-8 division was won by Colin Davis, whose great score of 31 for 5 holes clinched a tight contest between Davis Lehr who shot 32 and Brody Howard who shot 34.

Congrats again to all of our champions and participants for making it yet another awesome championship!

Boys Championship Division

Played 18 Holes

First Name Last Name Score To Par
Evan Barbin 68 -3
Pierce Murphy 88 +17
Jake Eckman 106 +35
Johnny Waldridge 113 +42
Brandon Cohee 124 +53

Boys 13-15 Division

Played 9 Holes

First Name Last Name Score To Par
Zack Sullivan 43 +8
Owen Duffy 47 +12
Sean Patrick 49 +14
Caiden Jordan 53 +18
Shane Kaplinsky 53 +18
Lucas Hartsoe 56 +21
Sean Snyder 56 +21
Jeremy Marandola 57 +22
Anthony Hartsoe 59 +24
Aiden Verdansky 64 +29

Boys 9-12

Played 7 Holes

First Name Last Name Score To Par
Chase Dizel 32 +5
Chase Hartsoe 43 +16
Josh Schneider 44 +17
Gavin Quigley 47 +20
Cillian Murphy 48 +21
Ray Davis 51 +24

Boys 6-8

Played 5 Holes

First Name Last Name Score To Par
Colin Davis 31 +3
Davis Lehr 32 +10
Brody Howard 34 +13

Girls Championship

Played 18 Holes

First Name Last Name Score To Par
Karina Serio 93 +21
Carly Waldridge 138 +66

Girls 9-12

Played 7 Holes

First Name Last Name Score To Par
Carli Russell 51 +24