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2014 Tournament of Champions

Tournament Rules & Event Information

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s 2014 Tournament of Champions is open to the Top 30 Players on our Player of the Year Points List and will be held October 19th.

New! 2014 Tournament of Champions Roster + Reset Points | Player of the Year Points List

2014 Tournament of Champions Rules Sheet


Open to the Top 30 Players from the Player of the Year Points list Final Results


  • October 19th at  Rising Sun Course
  • Tee Times will start at 10:30 am with lowest positioned player from point list teeing off first
  • The Championship is an Individual 18 Hole Stroke Play event.
  • 80% Handicap Net Championship
  • The player with the lowest Net Score after the Round is the Champions Cup winner.
  • The Players Handicap will be adjusted based on what teeing ground they are playing from.
  • Your posted USGA Handicap as of October 15th will be used.
  • Player is responsible for notifying club if they have an established handicap at another facility. If CBGC is not notified, the player will be disqualified. The player must use the lowest handicap index they have, no matter what club they belong to.
  • Ladies will play from red markers.
  • Men will play from white markers.
  • Seniors of the age 64 and older may play from the Green Tees
  • A Tie for first place will be determined by playing 3 extra Holes (#1, #2 & #9) to determine the overall winner.
    • The player with the lowest total of strokes net after the 3 holes played will be the winner. If a Player would normally receive a stroke on any of the 3 playoff holes, they would receive the same number of strokes in the playoff and their total gross score will be reduced by that number. (Example if player A score after 3 Holes is 15 and their normal adjusted handicap(80%) would give them a stroke on hole #9 – then the players score will be adjusted to a 14.) If there is a tie after 3 holes – repeat the 3 holes until a winner is determined.


U.S.G.A. Rules Apply

  • USGA rules govern the play of this tournament.

Due to Aerification – Winter Rules will Apply

  • Lift Clean and Place through the green – you may move the ball a club length in the fairway only, but must stay in its own condition.
  • Ground under repair will consist of any cart paths – stone or paved
  • Out of bounds will be marked with a white line or white post
  • Lateral hazards will be marked with red stakes or red lines
  • Water hazards will be marked with yellow stakes or yellow lines
  • Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies).
  • The embedded Ball rule is in play
  • If there is any doubt on how to determine a rule, play 2 balls:
  • Play original ball where it lies. Play 2nd ball how you determined rule.
  • All rules will remain in effect unless otherwise posted by the Rules Committee.

Pace of Play:

  • Pace of play will be monitored
  • Penalty for first offense of slow play will be a warning
  • After the second offense you will be timed
  • A third violation will result in a one stroke penalty


  • Entry Fee: $20 – Top 30 players taken from the Player of Year Point List
  • Normal Rates apply.
  • Carts and walking is permitted.

Prizes & Points Awarded:   

  • Points will be awarded to each player based on the order in which they finish the 18 hole tournament.  The highest point’s total of the players RESET POINTS and added to the TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPION POINTS will be the 2014 Player of the Year for Chesapeake Bay Golf Club and the Winner will receive the Player of The Year Trophy and $400 credit toward a 2015 Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Golf Membership of their choice – (Note: Payout amount based on 25 players participating).
  • The player who has the lowest 18 hole net score (Using 80% of Handicap) in the Tournament of Champions event will be the Champions Cup winner and receives the 2014 Champions Cup.

Rising Sun Course:

  • Lateral Hazards on holes #1, #2, #5, #6, #7, #8, #10, #11, #12 and ponds on holes #5, #6, #11, #12, #14, #17, #18 are marked by red stakes or lines. One shot penalty, drop ball two club lengths from where ball last crossed hazard line.
  • Water Hazards are marked by yellow painted lines and stakes on holes #1, #9, #10.  Must locate point where ball entered hazard.  Follow U.S.G.A. handbook rules for appropriate ball drop.  Take one stroke penalty.
  • Wetlands are marked as Lateral Hazard on #4, #10, and #14 are marked by red stakes with a blue cap or lines.  One shot penalty, drop ball two club lengths from where ball last crossed hazard line.
  • Out of Bounds is defined by inside edge of white stakes left on Holes #1, #3, #4, #10, #11, #12, #14, #15, and #16.  Must replay shot plus one shot penalty.  Play a provisional ball off tee if first ball cannot be determined if out.

Reset Points:



Tournament Points: