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Legendary Greens.

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s tagline is “Legendary Greens. Affordable Family Fun.” What makes our Greens Legendary? Consistency.

What Makes Legendary Greens?

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Consistency at Chesapeake Bay Golf Clubs means that every green you play rolls the same speed and that the golf ball will react the same way every time it is struck. Chesapeake Bay Golf Club has been consistent – year after year for over 20 years – with perfect putting greens. Every time you play our courses you will get a true rolling putting surface.

Professional, Experienced Staff

Our Director of Maintenance and Head Superintendent at Rising Sun, Tom Brown, has maintained our Rising Sun Course (formally Chantilly Manor Country Club) for 38 years and has helped oversee the North East Course for the past 14 years along with North East Head Superintendent Erik Mikkonen for the past 10 years.

These 2 men know every blade of grass on these 36 greens and have done a terrific job maintaining them.

Green Anatomy

The Rising Sun Course greens are 46 years old and are a classic design called “push up greens”. They were built on topsoil with Poa Annua Grass, the same grass used at Pebble Beach and Merion. The greens hold a shot but also are firm for chipping and pitching.

The North East Course greens are only 20 years old. They are USGA spec greens built with sand and a diatomaceous earth mixture called Axis seeded with Bent Grass. They are best played firm and fast.

Contributed by:
Andrew Barbin, CBGC General Manager

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