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2017 Club Championship

Saturday & Sunday, August 12 & 13

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club’s 2017 Men’s & Women’s Club Championship – who will be crowned this year’s champs?

2017 Men’s & Women’s Club Championship

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2017 Club Championship Rules


  • Open to ALL Members of Chesapeake Bay Golf Club
  • All Members of the Ladies and Men’s Golf Association
  • Any Season Ticket Holders

Club Championship Brackets by Handicap:

  • Men’s:
    • Championship Flight 0-6 hdcp
    • A Flight 7-13 hdcp
    • B Flight 14-19
    • C Flight 20-26
    • D Flight 27 & up
  • Women’s:
    • Championship Flight  0-10 hdcp
    • A Flight 11-17 hdcp
    • B Flight 18-23
    • C Flight  24-29
    • D Flight 30 & up
  • Brackets will be formed based on handicap.
  • Each bracket to be within 6-7 strokes, if possible.
  • Due to participation changes may be made.
  • Must have a USGA handicap established to participate.

Dates / Times:

  • August 12 ~ 10:30 am Tee Times
  • August 13 ~ 10:30 am Tee Times


Stroke play in flight.  All players will play without handicap. 36 Hole Championship (18 Holes each day).

Handicap Index:

Flights off the Handicap index of normal tee box & based on Rising Sun course slope rating.

Entry Fee$25

Course Rules:

  • Championship, A and B Flight – Men play White Tees
  • C & D Flights – Men play from Green Tees
  • All Ladies play from Red Tees

Course Charges:

Normal Rates apply.  Optional Skins Game.


  • Parking Spot (Champion)
  • Gift Cards for all flights

Club Championship Rules Sheet

U.S.G.A. Rules Apply


  • Open to All Members of the Chesapeake Golf Club, Men’s or Ladies Association, Season Ticket Holders.
  • Ladies will play a 36 Hole Championship.  All Participants will play from Red markers.
  • Men will play a 36 Hole Championship. The Championship is an Individual Stroke Play event in each flight.
  • Men’s Championship, A and B Flight will play from the White Tee  Flights  C, D Participants will play from the green tees.
  • The Overall Champion will come from the player playing the White Tees, This Player with the lowest 2 day gross score is the overall winner and Club Champion. The lowest 2 day gross score per flight is the flight winner.
  • Competitors may choose to move up one flight before the competition.
  • Any ties for first place in all flights will be determined by a sudden death playoff to determine the flight winners and the playoff will commence starting on the first hole after completion of the last round.
  • Leaders after the 1st round will play together in the 2nd round.


  • Men – Championship Flight 0-6, A Flight  7-13, B Flight 14-19, C Flight 20- 26, D Flight 27 & up
  • Women – Championship Flight 0-10, A Flight 11-17, B Flight 18-23, C Flight 24-29, D Flight 30 & up
  • To have eligible flight, must have a minimum of 3 players in each flight
  • Brackets will be formed based on handicap from the slope rating of the Rising Sun Course. Each bracket to be made based on participation and to be within 6-8 strokes.

Pro Shop has right to adjust Flights to make them competitive.


  • Overall Men’s and Ladies Champion will be named our CLUB CHAMPION and receives a parking space, which becomes available immediately upon winning the Club Championship.
  • Top 2-3 in each flight will receive gift certificates if enough players are available for that flight. Adjustments will be made as needed based on number of players in the flight(s).


Play the ball where it lies

  • Ground under repair will consist of any cart paths – stone or paved.
  • Additional Ground under repair areas are outlined with White paint.
  • Out of bounds will be marked with a white line or white post.
  • Lateral hazards will be marked with red stakes or red lines.
  • Water hazards will be marked with yellow stakes or yellow lines.
  • Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies).
  • The “one ball” rule does not apply for the Championship.
  • Ground under Repair — Free Relief from all cart paths & flower beds. Take nearest point of relief plus one club length no nearer the hole, without penalty.
  • All putts must be holed (no gimmies).
  • If there is any doubt on how to determine a rule, play 2 balls:
    • Play original ball where it lies / Play 2nd ball how you determined rule.
  • All rules will remain in effect unless otherwise posted by the Rules Committee


  • Pace of play will be monitored / Penalty for first offense of slow play will be a warning.
  • After the second offense you will be timed / A third violation will result in a one stroke penalty.