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Ladies Association

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Ladies Association

Ladies Association and League – Tuesday & Saturday Schedule

2018 Ladies Association Board Members:

  • President – Shelly Pinkerton
  • Vice President – Joan Martin
  • Secretary – Keven Lawson
  • Treasurer – Donna Weirback
  • Tournament Chairperson – Nancy Bounds
  • Public Relations – Bernie Weed

Constitution and By-Laws

Article I

Section I: Name

This association shall be known as the Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Ladies Association and shall be referred to as the “Association”.

Section II: Objective

The objective of the association shall be to promote interest and activity in women’s golf and its social functions. To hold tournaments, promote fellowship and sportsmanship; to learn and practice the rules and etiquette of the game of golf. Support the USGA and other state, sectional and local golf organizations with which the membership may choose to be affiliated.

Article II

Section I: Membership & Dues

In order to become a member of the “Association” the applicant must be a member of the Chesapeake Bay Golf Club in good standing or be a non-member who is recommended by a presently active member of the “Association”. The applicant must pay annual dues; abide by the constitution and by-laws; establish a handicap and complete a membership application form as designed by the officers. Dues for membership in the “Association” will be $30 for Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Members; $40 for current non-club members and new non-club members must pay $55, which consists of a $15 initiation fee upon acceptance by the “Association”. The initiation fee is waived for all Chesapeake Bay Golf Club members. Dues shall be paid no later than April 30 of each year. A late fee of $5 will be assessed for late payments. Dues must be paid before a member may play in a tournament.

Section II: Eligibility of Play

Members who have an established handicap will be eligible to play in the Tuesday and Saturday Leagues. The maximum handicap for tournament play shall be 40. USGA rules shall apply to all events.

Section III: Meetings

Meetings shall be held monthly from April to November and special meetings may be called as required. General membership meetings will be held on Tuesday or Saturdays after golf at the course of play that day.

Article III – Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected offers; namely Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Chairperson, Handicap Chairperson, Jr. Golf Chairperson and a DWGA Representative.

Section I: Election of Officers

The officers are to be elected at the closing dinner of the “Association”. The nominating committee shall provide ballots containing the names of the candidates nominated. All members are eligible for any office.

Section II: Term of Office

Term of office shall be one year. Officers may serve a second year if elected, but not more than two consecutive terms.

Three members in person shall constitute a quorum of the Executive Committee.

Section III: The Duty of Each Officer

Chairperson: It is the duty of the Chairperson to preside at all meetings of the “Association” and Executive Committee and in general, to perform the duties incumbent of her office.

Co-Chairperson: During the absence of or inability of the Chairperson, the Co-Chairperson will perform the duties of the Chairperson. She shall also assist the Chairperson in all duties. The Co-Chairperson shall be considered as one of the candidates for Chairperson the following year.

Secretary:  The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings and shall give and serve notices and agendas of the meetings. She shall be responsible for and have charge of all official correspondence, files, records, papers, etc. She shall present at each meeting a full report of all matters pertaining to the affairs of the “Association”.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate record of all money received and shall deposit same to the credit and in the name of the “Association” in such bank as designated by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer will be given authority to give and receive receipts for all monies due and payable to the “Association” for whatever source and to endorse on behalf of the “Association” all checks, drafts, notes, warrants, order etc. for payment of money. She shall present at each meeting a written report of the financial affairs of the “Association”, and publish a financial report at the closing meeting.

Tournament Director: The Tournament Director is responsible for appointing a Chairperson for each tournament. The Tournament Director is responsible for supplying the Chairperson with the necessary paperwork and guidelines to promote each tournament. The Tournament Director is also responsible for maintaining the Tournament Book.

Handicap Chairperson: The Handicap Chairperson will be the liaison between Chesapeake Bay Golf Club and the DWGA. She will be responsible for handicap verifications. She will be responsible to work with the Pro Shop when issues arise regarding proper posting of scores.

Jr. Golf Chairperson: The Junior Golf Chairperson will be the liaison between Chesapeake Bay Golf Club and the DWGA. Information received will be communicated to the general membership regarding any Junior Golf Events.

DWGA Representative: The DWGA Representative shall attend scheduled DWGA meetings and report back to the Executive Committee.  The information shared will then be distributed to the general membership. 

Section IV: Committee Chairpersons

Individual Tournaments

The Tournament Chairperson shall perform all duties incident to that event. She shall have the authority to select members to assist on her committee and reports directly to the Association Chairperson.

Tuesday and Saturday Leagues

Each Chairperson shall perform all duties indicent to that office, including arrangements of weekly-organized play. She shall have the authority to appoint women to assist her when necessary.

Article IV – Major Tournaments

Section I: Ladies Cup

Open to all members of the “Association” who have an established handicap. Play will be as follows:

  • Better Ball of Partners
  • 100% of Handicap
  • USGA Rules apply

Section II: Ladies Classic

Open to all members of the “Association” who have an established handicap. Play will be as follows:

  • Better Ball of Partners Net, select of two days
  • 75% of Handicap
  • USGA Rules apply

Article V – Existing Policies

All existing rules and policies of the Chesapeake Bay Golf Club will be enforced, adhered to and supported by the “Association”.

Article VI – Amendments

Any member may recommend amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws. Amendments may be made at any regular meeting of the “Association” by a two-thirds vote of all votes cast, provided written notice of the proposed revision has been given to each member at least ten (10) days in advance and posted on the bulletin board.

Section I: Rules of Order – The Annual Meeting

  • Election of Officers
  • Awarding of Prizes
  • General Business
  • Adjournment

Article VII – Rules of Play

USGA rules will apply for all play.

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