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FootGolf – AFGL Tour East Region

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club is proud to host the American FootGolf League AFGL Tour East Region for a competitive FootGolf Event on May 5, 2018 at 4:30pm.

FootGolf AFGL Tour Event May 5, 2018

American FootGolf League – AFGL Tour Event

Chesapeake Bay Golf Club will host the American FootGolf League AFGL Tour East Region on May 5, 2018 for a competitive FootGolf Event.

Love playing FootGolf? Miss the competition of soccer? Scroll down to learn more about the AFGL Tour and Tournament Schedule for 2018.

Upcoming Event: Be sure to mark your calendars also for the FootGolf National Championship Qualifier here at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club on July 14, 2018 that will be open to both AFGL members and the public.

AFGL Tour East Region Event

Date: May 5th, 2018

Course: Chesapeake Bay Golf Club
128 Karen Dr., Rising Sun, MD 21911

AFGL Member Price: $45.00 per player

*AFGL TOUR Tournaments are for AFGL Members Only*

AFGL-50 Ranking
AFGL-50 Ranking / 50 points if 8 players finish the tournament (see details below)


  • Junior (Ages 12-17)
  • Men (Ages 18-45)
  • Senior (Ages 46 & over)
  • Women (18 & over)

Starting Time: 4:30 PM

Starting Style: Shotgun


  • Member: Junior (Ages 12-17) *One player per registration* – $35.00
  • Member: Men (Ages 18-45) *One player per registration* – $45.00
  • Member: Senior (Ages 46 * over) *One player per registration* – $45.00
  • Member: Women *One player per registration* – $45.00

AFGL Tour Members – Register Here for Event – https://americanfootgolfleague.wildapricot.org/widget/event-2814414

Interested in Competitive FootGolf? Join the AFGL Tour!

About the AFGL Tour:

The AFGL Tour is all tournaments with ranking points under the umbrella of the American FootGolf League. This tour will be the basis to deciding spots on Team USA to compete in the FIFG World Cup 2018. All competitions on this tour are reserved for AFGL Affiliated players only.

AFGL Ranking:

The AFGL Tour 2018 will have 5 separate rankings, with the same number of points in each category: Men, Women, Senior, Junior and Clubs. Each year the ranking starts again from “0”, with no points.

Format / Tournament Value:

There will be:

– 30 tournaments with points for the AFGL Tour 2018.

– 3 Regions: West, Central, East

– 10 Tournaments per region.

– The tour was created for players affiliated to American FootGolf League only.

Bonus: a player can qualify directly to the U.S. FootGolf National Championship 2018, just by completing in all rounds in one of the 30 tournaments.

Tournament Points:

AFGL-50   / 50 points if 8 players finish the tournament.

AFGL-100  / 100 points if 8 players finish the tournament.

AFGL-250  / 250 points if 8 players finish the tournament.

AFGL-500  / 500 points if 8 players finish the tournament.

Points per amount of players:

– Each tournament of the AFGL Tour must have a minimum of 8 participant players finishing the competition to receive full points, regardless if it is AFGL-50, AFGL-100, AFGL-250 or AFGL-500. In that case, the AFGL members will receive Ranking Points valid for the AFGL Tour 2018.

Points Awarded:

In each competition, the winner will be awarded the maximum number of AFGL Points for the event type. All other positions will be awarded 95% of the points received by the preceding position. In case of a tie, all players involved in the tie will be awarded the average number of points of the positions they would take in case of a playoff (E.g. If 3 players tie in 5th position, these players would eventually be in positions 5, 6 and 7. The number of points for these three positions will be added and divided by 3 and this score will be awarded to the 3 players). In case of a tie in the first place, there should be a playoff.

Benefits of AFGL Membership:

  •  Unique Membership Number and E-Membership Card.
  •  Participation in the AFGL National Ranking 2018.
  •  Qualified members may compete in the U.S. National FootGolf Championship 2018.
  •  Full license to participate in the FIFG World Tour & World Ranking 2018.
  •  Right to represent the AFGL in any FIFG Member Country’s tournaments.
  •  Member Discount on National Qualifiers and other selected AFGL tournaments.
  •  Member Discount on official merchandise at AFGL Shop.
  •  AFGL Membership is reserved for United States residence.
  •  Only AFGL Members are eligible to represent the United States in the FIFG World Cup.

Source: www.footgolf.us